5 Steps to Improve your Work-Life Balance


Many of us have had situations in our life where we felt work had begun to take over or become too much. So, at difficult times like today, when many people are adjusting to new ways of working, it may be even more vital to establish good work boundaries. Examining things in terms of work-life balance–how your time and energy is distributed across various parts of your life–may be beneficial.

Here are five actions you can do right now to improve your work-life balance and prioritize your overall well-being.

1. Examine your situation

Consider your most essential values and how you wish to spend your time. Once you’ve established that you can brainstorm tiny adjustments that will have a large impact altogether, such as pushing yourself to take a lunch break several times a week to exercise or speak with a friend.

2. Manage other people’s expectations

Set limits by informing colleagues and clients when you will and will not be working so that they do not expect you to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, be truthful about your personal requirements. Inform your supervisor about the non-negotiable routine activities in your personal life, such as putting your children to bed or practicing yoga — whatever is important to you.

3. Take care of your health

Make sure you get adequate sleep and exercise by incorporating it into your routine and remember to treat yourself every now and then to reward yourself for your hard work. To do this, you may need to delegate when possible in order to free up your time for what is most essential. If you require additional resources, request them.

4. Learn to say no

If you have to work late every day just to make ends meet, notify your supervisor that your burden is unsustainable. Moreover, if you have a habit of putting others’ needs ahead of your own, learn to say no to new initiatives and extra commitments that will take up your time and will not help to reach your professional or personal goals.

5. Plan fun activities for your personal time

Make plans with family and friends to ensure that your personal time is productive. Connecting digitally is essential to many of us right now, but make an effort to spend some time away from it as well. Turn off electronic gadgets for a certain amount of time every evening or weekend so you may devote your entire focus to the people and things that are most important to you. Try to stick to a regular schedule that includes some time for yourself each week that is unconnected to your job.

Work-life balance can be difficult to attain. However, by attempting these steps, you may begin to discover methods to make work feel less consuming and free up to focus on other aspects of your life — even when times are difficult.

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