IPO Bandwagon: Top 12 Upcoming IPO In 2021 That You Should Follow Right Now!

What is an IPO?

Why do companies file an IPO?

  • Raising funds from numerous investors
  • Facilitating mergers & acquisitions
  • Gaining visibility
  • Providing an exit for early investors

How to file an IPO in India?

  • Details of the deal
  • Amount to be raised
  • Features of securities being issued
  • Definitions — Contains the definitions of the industry-specific terms.
  • Risk Factors — Discloses the possibilities that could impact a company’s finances.
  • Use of Proceeds — Discloses how the money raised from investors will be used.
  • Industry Description — Details the working of the company in the overall industry segment.
  • Business Description — Detail the core business activities of the company.
  • Management — Provides information about key management personnel.
  • Financial Description — This section comprises financial statements along with the auditor’s report.
  • Legal and Other Information — Details the litigation against the company along with miscellaneous information.

The top 12 Upcoming IPOs in 2021 that you should follow right now!

  1. Ola IPO

7. Nykaa IPO

Predicting the IPO Bandwagon



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