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Whether you are a first-time investor or an experienced one, trading apps have changed the lives of majority of investors. With plenty of options available in the market, it is difficult to decide which is the best trading app. It is 2021, and trading businesses have escalated to new heights. In the present scenario, one does not have to run several errands in and out of ‘The Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers’. Wider availability of convenient smartphones and access to (reduced) mobile data costs have facilitated the adoption of mobile trading apps.

While selecting the best trading app for themselves, one needs to consider several factors and services offered by the applications. No wonder the battle of Upstox vs Zerodha tends to continue for being the best trading app in India. However, various other trading apps have started occupying a significant position in the race.

Before we help you with choosing a winner for the title of the ‘Best Trading App’, let us learn some basics about mobile trading.

What is Mobile Trading?

Mobile trading refers to stock trading via mobile phones. It allows investors and traders to access trading platforms from their mobile phones (preferably smartphones).

Mobile trading apps allow easier access to various trading platforms. With trading-only apps such as Robinhood and its commission-free trading, mobile seems to be the most convenient and indeed cheapest way for most people to trade.

Every major brokerage has a mobile app — be it Android or iOS or both — that allows their customers to trade directly from their mobile devices.

Are Mobile Trading Apps safe to use?

Strong security initiatives have enabled some of the leading brokerages to leverage the increasing adoption of trading apps. Mobile trading apps have strong encryption and other security features to offer a secured trading experience. Numerous brokerages are heavily investing in technology to secure trading apps. Most of them have currently appointed chief technology officers (CTO) to cater to the purpose.

However, the risk of cybersecurity and vulnerabilities continue to exist in the online trading ecosystem. You can take the following precautionary measures to avoid mingling in the potential cyber threats in online trading.

  • Verify whether the platforms are regulated by Regulatory Authorities;
  • Verify the app’s sources;
  • Opt for 2-factor authentication login credentials;
  • Check for SSL Encryption;
  • Opt for strong server security; and
  • Use Anti-Malware

The 10 Best Trading Apps in India in 2021 (Sept Edition)

Amongst the available options, trading apps such as Robinhood and TD Ameritrade are some of the best trading apps. However, when we speak of the best trading apps in India, apps such as Zerodha Kite and Upstox are always on top of the list of the best trading apps.

Some of the best trading apps in India are:

1. Zerodha Kite

Kite is the flagship mobile trading app of Zerodha — India’s leading stockbroker. The app is always regarded as the best trading app in India and is available on iOS and Android platforms.

It offers several features such as quick buying and selling, charting with over 100 indicators, easy overviewing of funds and universal instrument search, and real-time market analysis. Zerodha Kite facilitates multi-exists on trade options and offers a refined and easy-user interface.

2. Upstox Pro App

Another winner on the list of ‘best trading apps’ is the Upstox Pro App. Upstox is one of the leading stockbrokers in India, and Upstox Pro is its flagship mobile trading app. Previously known as the RKSV Securities and is based out of Mumbai, it is considered one of the best trading app in India.

Upstox Pro offers major features such as a universal search tool to find easy and complex stocks, charts of various intervals, types, and drawing styles, trade straight from charts with the Trade from Charts (TFC) feature, and many more. It allows users to apply more than 100 technical indicators on a real-time basis and provides instant alerts and updates.

3. Angel Broking App

Angel Broking App is also considered one of the best trading app in India. It offers several features for all types of investors who prefer trading on the go. The app enables an excellent user interface that provides a seamless experience.

Its major features include easy buying and selling of stocks, tracking derivatives position, live streaming of stock quotes, charts, market info, and much more. It provides more than 40 technical chart indicators and allows real-time online fund transfer to over 40 banks.

4. Sharekhan App

Another best trading app is the Sharekhan mobile trading app. It offers the leading trading features such as advanced charts, measurement tools, watchlists, and many more. It not only offers various basic and advanced tools but also provides several promising features. These include easy fund transfer service, improved user experience, personalized default screen, to name a few. Sharekhan app also provides an extra security level along with the option to invest in mutual funds.

5. Kotak Stock Trader App

Kotak Stock Trader App is one of the popularly used mobile trading apps. Its latest and promising features make it one of the best trading apps in India. It is offered by Kotak Securities Limited — one of the leading financial services providers in India.

The app creates a watchlist to keep a track of the movement of specific stocks. It allows easy transfer of funds to the trading account from a bank account and vice versa. It enables seamless access to the availability of funds and margin balance with multiple layers of security.

6. IIFL Markets App

IFL Markets App is regarded as the best trading app for smartphones. It offers an unmatched trading experience along with investment ideas to help users make the right decisions.

It offers customized watch lists across exchanges and the option to invest including BSE, NSE, NCDEX, MCX. IIFL provides access to live prices across Commodity, Equity and Currency segments. It also provides recommendations on leading 500 stocks across sectors, domains, industrial sectors.

7. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

The 5Paisa Mobile Trading App is known as the best online trading app in India when it comes to getting an easy-to-use trading application. It is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

5Paisa App offers real-time screening of quotes across all segments. It enables users to invest in SIP and mutual funds. It also enables stock trading in equity, intrada, and F&O segments. 5Paisa offers Robo Advisory — a fully automated investor advisory system.

8. HDFC Securities App

HDFC Securities App is always on the list of the best trading apps in India. It can be quickly installed and used on any smartphone. The app is one of the highest-rated mobile trading apps and offers multiple promising features.

These include the availability of technical indicators, fingerprint login for better security, the option to buy gold, and others. It offers multiple watch lists that are customizable and provide real-time price updates.

9. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

Edelweiss trading app is known as the best trading app due to its simple single-touch login feature. You can log in to the app using your fingertip and avail all its latest features and info on stock trading.

Edelweiss is popularly considered the best trading app in India as it offers real-time streaming stock prices and charts to keep traders and investors informed of market updates. It also helps individuals analyze the market promptly. It also provides a dedicated market view through the current status of BSE and NSE indices.

10. FYERS Markets Mobile Trading App

FYERS Markets is the next-gen mobile trading app offered by FYERS Securities — one of the leading stockbrokers in India. The app allows traders to trade in stock without any physical barriers.

The app’s easy availability makes it one of the best trading apps in India. It allows multitasking and managing your trade while you are on the go. It also offers high-level security protocols on every level.

What are the benefits of mobile trading apps?

Mobile Trading Apps offer several benefits. Some of them are:

  • Easy and quick order placements;
  • Live updates of the stock market;
  • Timely alerts on stock fluctuations;
  • Seamless access to market days at fingertips; and
  • Historical charts and research reports

It is crucial to be informed about the ins and outs of trading apps — whether you are a broker or an investor or neither of them. It may take you a while to understand the stock market and the aspects of stock trading. Possibilities and downfalls in the stock industry are uncanny and inevitable. Hence, it is wise to be an informed individual and have knowledge about the best trading app in India.

The battle of Upstox vs Zerodha will ceaselessly exist in the upcoming days, however, it is essential to decide which works best for you by understanding various factors which make them one of the best trading apps in India.

How to choose the best trading app?

With a plethora of available options, it is difficult to select the best trading app. Trading is all about being pristinely aware of the corals of the stock market. Downfall and loss are inevitable in the stock industry. However, one can always opt for smart investment over heavy investments.

Learning the basics of the trading game can help you in the long run. However, various factors can be considered while choosing the best trading app that suits your market requirements.

  1. Performance: The performance of the trading app is essential when it comes to deciding the best amongst the available options.
  2. Speed: The stock market is perpetually oscillating between downfall and upvote. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the trading app opted by you provides optimum speed and is updated with the latest market trends.
  3. Ratings and reviews: Always check for the rating and reviews of the app.
  4. Features: Check for the features and compare them with the other trading apps. Choose the one that abides by the latest market requirements while fulfilling your market needs as an individual.
  5. Usability: Trading apps can seem complicated to use. Hence it is essential to ensure that your preferred trading app offers a friendly user interface and experience.

Nevertheless, always remember the popular trading mantra of all times — “Buy Low, Sell High!”

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