Tired Of Traditional Trade Methods? Download These 10 Best Trading Apps Now

What is Mobile Trading?

Are Mobile Trading Apps safe to use?

  • Verify whether the platforms are regulated by Regulatory Authorities;
  • Verify the app’s sources;
  • Opt for 2-factor authentication login credentials;
  • Check for SSL Encryption;
  • Opt for strong server security; and
  • Use Anti-Malware

The 10 Best Trading Apps in India in 2021 (Sept Edition)

1. Zerodha Kite

2. Upstox Pro App

3. Angel Broking App

4. Sharekhan App

5. Kotak Stock Trader App

6. IIFL Markets App

7. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

8. HDFC Securities App

9. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

10. FYERS Markets Mobile Trading App

What are the benefits of mobile trading apps?

  • Easy and quick order placements;
  • Live updates of the stock market;
  • Timely alerts on stock fluctuations;
  • Seamless access to market days at fingertips; and
  • Historical charts and research reports

How to choose the best trading app?

  1. Performance: The performance of the trading app is essential when it comes to deciding the best amongst the available options.
  2. Speed: The stock market is perpetually oscillating between downfall and upvote. Hence, it is vital to ensure that the trading app opted by you provides optimum speed and is updated with the latest market trends.
  3. Ratings and reviews: Always check for the rating and reviews of the app.
  4. Features: Check for the features and compare them with the other trading apps. Choose the one that abides by the latest market requirements while fulfilling your market needs as an individual.
  5. Usability: Trading apps can seem complicated to use. Hence it is essential to ensure that your preferred trading app offers a friendly user interface and experience.



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